Month: July 2017

Dennis Schroder still claims Isaiah Thomas insulted his mother

The great Dennis Schroder-Isaiah Thomas war of words waged on Monday morning.

More than a month after Thomas refuted Schroeder’s allegations that the Celtics’ point guard insulted Schroder’s mother on the court, the Hawks’ guard is calling baloney Cheap Dog Jerseys on Thomas’ denial.

“Everybody heard it,” Schroder said Monday. “My family sat courtside too. Thabo [Sefalosha] heard some things. He wasn’t involved in it. It is what it is. We just try to compete. It gets heated in the game.”

In franchise mode for “2K17,” the Kings’ GM refused the trade proposal of Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and first- and second-round picks in 2017 in exchange for Cousins and Omri Casspi. “The only way I accept a trade for him (Cousins) is if I’m blown away and this one doesn’t do that,” the virtual GM states.

The real-life trade creates one of the best frontcourts in the NBA and in “2K17.” Cousins is rated 93 Overall, which makes him the seventh-highest rated player in the game. He joins Anthony Davis, who is rated 94 Overall. Combined they are the second-highest rated pair of teammates in the league behind only Golden State’s Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

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Chris Bosh says he’s ‘still staying ready’ for NBA return

Chris Bosh made his debut appearance on TNT’s “Players Only” show Monday night, and was asked about health.

“My health is great. I think one of the interesting things that I didn’t Cheap China NFL Jerseys anticipate was my mental health, and that’s something that as athletes we have to take into regard because we’re used to a set schedule and we’re used to a certain type of world. And that’s something that I’ve really had to work on for my well-being, and it’s been great.

“I replaced my passport and didn’t realize that I had to put my new visa in there,” Schr?der said Friday, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The Hawks organization and the NBA tried to get me as soon as possible a meeting with the consulate. We didn’t make it in time. I’m sorry for me, my teammates and the organization.”

“I have to accept it,” Schr?der added. “Coach said something and I listened to him. I’ll focus on the next game. I am disappointed that it happened.”

Here’s the statement released by coach Mike Budenholzer: “Dennis has played an important role for our team and been a significant contributor to our success this season. We are disappointed that he did not return to the team on time and we have discussed this with him. We look forward to him Cheap Cycling Jerseys rejoining the team in Orlando tomorrow night.”

Malcolm Delaney will start in Schr?der’s place Friday night.

LeBron James edited Cavs return essay next to oblivious Dwyane Wade

LeBron James’ “I’m Coming Home” essay, written for Sports Illustrated, was a seminal moment in sports history. Years after crushing the hearts of every sports fan in Cleveland, James decided to come back to his hometown team in the summer of 2014.

Before the essay was published, though, no one was sure what James’ next move was going to be. Not even best friend and at-the-time Heat teammate Dwyane Wade. But in an upcoming book written by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Dave McMenamin, we become aware that Wade could have found out if he was nosy.

Apparently James edited the story written by Lee Jenkins while on a plane with Wade. Due to the nature of the information, though, James couldn’t reveal his secret to him.

When he was asked about George’s future, Stephenson told Query & Schultz he doesn’t have any doubt he’d remain a Pacer. And if he did plan on leaving, he’d go to extreme measures to keep him.

“I think he’s staying. I don’t think he has any doubts about coming back. So I’m not worried about that,” Stephenson said Wednesday. “I got to start working [on keeping him]. I got to get all my guys and tie him up in a chair and be like ‘you can’t leave!’ You ain’t going nowhere, Paul George.”

The strategy is similar to what the Clippers did do DeAndre Jordan in free agency New Cheap Jerseys a few years back when they locked him in his house.

Obviously Stephenson was joking about that, but he could play a role in New York Jets Cheap Jerseys keeping George around. Before the team signed the explosive guard, George complained about there not being a winning culture in the locker room. Stephenson changed that immediately with his exciting plays against the Cavaliers and Raptors.

Shaq says Kevin Durant starts ‘whimpering and crying’ after hearing criticism

Kevin Durant had some strong commentary toward Shaquille O’Neal earlier this year after the TNT analyst and former player went after JaVale McGee. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Shaq responded to what Durant said about him.

“Just put it this way: The league is soft and these guys are sensitive, period,” Shaq told SI. “I was sensitive [as a player] too but I never went back at [older players]. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain never said sto [support] me. Did I cry about It? No. Kareem said in the paper one time, when they asked him, ‘Shaq is doing great, he has numbers similar to yours, what do you think?’ His response was, ‘Well, he hasn’t won a championship yet.’ I could have gone back at him, but I didn’t. I sucked it up like a real man USA Cheap Jerseys and was like, ‘OK, watch this.’ A lot of guys, these days, when you say anything Website For Cheap Jerseys about them they start whimpering and crying.”

Washington finished the season 9-22 (2-16 in conference play) and lost its last 13 games. Fultz sat five of the last seven games of the season with a sore knee as the Huskies struggled in his absence. He averaged 23.2 points (first in the Pac-12), 5.9 assists (second only to Lonzo Ball in the Pac-12), 5.7 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 1.2 blocks per game.

Despite the team’s shortcomings, Fultz has more than proved himself worthy of the No. 1 pick. Here’s what draft expert Sam Vecenie had to say about Fultz in SN’s latest prospect rankings:

He is a unique blend of efficient scoring ability and playmaking that hasn’t been seen in college hoops for a while. And he’s doing it with players around him that aren’t exactly of elite quality. Even though Washington hasn’t had the type of team success you’d hope for, Fultz has lived up to the hype in every way individually. He’s in a tier all by himself as a prospect.

Most episodes of The Twilight Zone give you the heebie jeebies even when you can’t explain why

Every year on the Fourth, the Syfy Network pays tribute to one of the most revered TV shows ever with an all-day marathon of The Twilight Zone. It’s the perfect way to spend the holiday for those who don’t like being around others, or don’t like the outside, or maybe just enjoy timeless — or, depending Cheap Team Jerseys Basketball on the episode, timely — TV.

Most episodes of The Twilight Zone give you the heebie jeebies even when you can’t explain why, but let’s say an episode comes on that chills you to the bone. So, like, anything that revolves around someone who looks completely innocent yet has sinister motives — “Living Doll,” starring Talky Tina, or “It’s a Good Life” with the cornfield wisher — and you would just prefer to not be paranoid about every shadow you see in the middle of the night.

No day embodies the promise of America more — a day that celebrates the birth of this country while its citizens are united, even temporarily, in their allegiance to food, family, friends, fun. Grilling up hot dogs, dressed up however you like them. Catching the splashy blockbuster movie that can make you feel like a kid again or that will one day make kids feel nostalgic for that very moment.

But one thing the Fourth of July is missing every year? Football. If not technically America’s pastime, then it’s our most uniquely American sport.

While the football world is enjoying its short-lived vacation, there are a few ways you can celebrate this holiday, NFL style. Here are our suggestions (no Jason Pierre-Paul jokes included):

That’s when it’s time to put on an old football game. But not just any game. Just rewatch Super Bowl LI, and you won’t even miss a beat. A common theme in The Twilight Zone is that something is off. The world is not as it should be. That was this year’s Super Bowl.

I understand that just because McGwire couldn’t do it doesn’t mean Judge and Bellinger won’t do it.

McGwire was the baseball-media and fan darling that season after he seemed to come out of nowhere to launch homers at a historic pace. He had 33 long balls at the All-Star break, leading many, many people to fall victim to “just double it”-itis and declare that McGwire would probably finish somewhere near 66 home runs and destroy Roger Maris’ single-season record of 61 homers. Not only was McGwire unable Cheap Soccer Jerseys Size Xxl to maintain that torrid pace, but he fell off significantly in the second half, hitting just 16 homers to finish with 49 (though he did shatter the previous rookie record of 38 homers held by Frank Robinson).

And, yes, I understand that just because McGwire couldn’t do it doesn’t mean Judge and Bellinger won’t do it. Different players, different eras, different stadiums, yada, yada, yada. It’s just a call for perspective, a rebuff against What’s wrong with Aaron Judge? pieces if he’s not reached 40 homers by Aug. 31.

Though there have been some first player to and fastest player to Cheap Softball Jerseys For Girls stats associated with Judge and Bellinger so far, it’s unlikely that either will keep up their frenzied home run pace over the remaining 85-90 games of the season. Potential pitching adjustments aside, here’s the biggest reason: The grind will take hold. The Dog Days can be brutal and unforgiving to all players, but especially first-year guys not accustomed to a 162-game schedule.

Why he’s here: Lucroy’s numbers are way down from his career averages across the board, and he’s in danger of posting his lowest OPS since his rookie season in 2010. One of the better offensive catchers in baseball up until this year, Lucroy was supposed to be a key cog in a powerful Rangers lineup but has underachieved just like the entire team. There have been rumblings that the team is listening to offers for him, which shows just how far out of favor he’s fallen.

Guys like Max and Kershaw and the top pitchers in baseball

The Nationals had lost their previous three games, and Scherzer’s performance helped the team avoid a sweep at the hands of the Cardinals. Manager Dusty Baker casually dropped his ace in with some of the best in the history of the game. Again, matter-of-factly.

“Guys like Max and Kershaw and the top pitchers in baseball, that’s what they’re supposed to do, and they’re paid handsomely to do it, and they take pride in it, stopping streaks,” Baker said. “I’ve seen that a lot with the great pitchers, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Nolan Ryan, J.R. Richard. Those guys were known to stop streaks.”

He’s on the All-Star team, and barring some rather stunning surprise, he’ll start Cheap Quality Soccer Jerseys the game for the Nationals League. He deserves the nod, because here’s the thing: Scherzer has never been better than he is right now, and that’s really saying something. Remember, this is a guy who has won the Cy Young Award twice (once in each league), with the Tigers in 2013 and the Nationals in 2016.

He’s been so much better this year than he was in either of those Cy Young seasons. Let’s look:

Bell earned the Steelers’ franchise tag this season, but has yet to Cheap Reversible Basketball Jerseys sign it in hopes of working out a contract extension with the only NFL team he’s ever known. Should things go sour, he could take the one-year, $12.12 million deal and look for employment elsewhere in 2018.

Why he’s here: The league seems to have adjusted to Odor after his breakout 2016 season, and he’s yet to adjust back. Like his teammate Lucroy, Odor has underachieved considerably with an OPS that right now is 162 points lower than his total from last year. He’s never been an on-base demon, but this year he’s striking out at an alarming rate and managed just one walk the entire month of June. He’s dug himself quite a hole in the first half, and he’s yet to find the answers to get himself out.

Dickerson has also seen a big jump in productivity this year.

He came over in a trade last year with the Rockies, but he didn’t live up to lofty expectations in his first campaign because of injuries. He also suffered from plantar fasciitis in his left foot at the end of the 2015 season. The injuries made him experiment with different mechanics during spring training and throughout the year, resulting in a subpar year for him.

“I tinkered a little bit, tried to play through injuries, and luckily made it out of the year with pretty decent numbers that a lot of people wouldn’t mind having,” Dickerson said. “So I maximized my offseason and came into this offseason ready to go.”

There’s a case to be made that the Knicks’ best 3-on-3 team could come from the 1990s, and while Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis would also be a scary combination, this group is responsible for both of the Knicks’ NBA championships and these three players, especially Frazier and Reed, are unquestionably among the best players in franchise history.

Frazier averaged 19, 6 and 6 for his career as a 6-4 point guard, while DeBusschere averaged a double-double in the final 12 years of his career. Reed averaged 21.7 points and 13.9 rebounds per game while shooting 50 percent from the field during New York’s first championship season. All three Cheap Professional Jerseys players were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

McCants played only five NBA seasons, and he barely cracked Cheap Professional Sports Jerseys double-digit scoring. Yet, he belongs on this list. Here is why: At 32 years old, he is the youngest player in the Big3. He was also the first overall pick in the league’s draft two months ago, so he clearly has earned respect.

Honestly, he should probably still be in the NBA, or at least made it longer than five seasons. Tough to fault a guy who had to learn how to be a professional by playing for Minnesota and Sacramento.

Rob Gronkowski denies racking up giant $102,000 bar tab at casino

Rob Gronkowski has a message to everyone who thinks he dropped a small fortune on booze over the weekend: Don’t buy into the headlines.

In a tweet Tuesday, the Patriots tight end disputed a TMZ report that said he spent more than $102,000 on alcohol at a Connecticut casino, claiming he would rather donate such a massive chunk of change to a much more noble cause.

Despite his love of alcohol and having a good time, Gronkowski has proven to be more on the frugal side. In his 2015 book “It’s Good to be Gronk,” he said he lives off his endorsement deals and not any of his NFL paycheck.

Lydon is a shooter, through and through. He has NBA 3-point range from the jump, and he’ll help space the floor next to Nikola Jokic in the frontcourt. Still, this team needs defense more than anything. Lydon has tools on that end, but has yet to be a fully effective defender. We’ll see how this works out.

The Magic dealt this pick to Philadelphia so that the Sixers could pick Cheap Dri Fit Jerseys Pasecniks, a 7-foot-plus Latvian who can rim run and defend well due to excellent mobility at his size. I’m not sure he fills a need for the Sixers going forward, given their depth in the frontcourt, but if they get rid of Jahlil Okafor and Richaun Holmes, he’ll be a nice fit as a backup for Joel Embiid.

This is my pick for breakout player of the season in college hoops. A lot of NBA teams were disappointed when Brown pulled his name out of this year’s draft, as he’d have been a great guy for a team to take a shot on in the 20s as a 6-5 elite athlete who also has some point guard skills. Miami Cheap Epl Jerseys is going to be good this season, and Brown is the guy that will lead them.

there isn’t so much as a swipe at the ball here.

Remember that incredible sequence where it felt like Curry dribbled for a week until he finally got around James for a nifty layup? Check out where Irving was standing and see if you can find the man he was guarding.

Green is closer to the half-court line than the 3-point line. Irving is obviously not known for his defense, but there isn’t so much as a swipe at the ball here.

As much as Golden State’s shooting spreads the floor and forces the opposition to make brutal choices, Cleveland’s help defenders must be conscious of individual matchups and spacing when deciding to help and recover. We saw what Curry’s gravity can do to the Cavs in Game 1, but sometimes you have to remember the first rule on defense. Stop the ball.

“He is a special player, special human being. I’ve probably said it many, many times before,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told reporters about Ginobili on Monday. “He’s one of those guys who becomes the heart and soul of your team because of his exemplary competitiveness.

“He’s really an anomaly in that regard. He has that same foot-on-your-neck attitude that Kobe [Bryant] and Michael [Jordan] had, those types of guys. Magic [Johnson] and Larry [Bird]. He’s got the same attitude and plays with that same fire. He always has.

“He’s been a huge part of any success that we’ve had. To see him Cheap Braves Jerseys at this age, giving us games here and there that just take you back. It’s been a thrill.”

Ginobili, 39, is a four-time NBA champion and spent his whole Cheap College Jerseys career with the Spurs since being drafted out of Argentina. The two-time All-Star hasn’t been the most flashy of players but he uses his smarts and quickness to create havoc for his opponents.