I understand that just because McGwire couldn’t do it doesn’t mean Judge and Bellinger won’t do it.

McGwire was the baseball-media and fan darling that season after he seemed to come out of nowhere to launch homers at a historic pace. He had 33 long balls at the All-Star break, leading many, many people to fall victim to “just double it”-itis and declare that McGwire would probably finish somewhere near 66 home runs and destroy Roger Maris’ single-season record of 61 homers. Not only was McGwire unable Cheap Soccer Jerseys Size Xxl to maintain that torrid pace, but he fell off significantly in the second half, hitting just 16 homers to finish with 49 (though he did shatter the previous rookie record of 38 homers held by Frank Robinson).

And, yes, I understand that just because McGwire couldn’t do it doesn’t mean Judge and Bellinger won’t do it. Different players, different eras, different stadiums, yada, yada, yada. It’s just a call for perspective, a rebuff against What’s wrong with Aaron Judge? pieces if he’s not reached 40 homers by Aug. 31.

Though there have been some first player to and fastest player to Cheap Softball Jerseys For Girls stats associated with Judge and Bellinger so far, it’s unlikely that either will keep up their frenzied home run pace over the remaining 85-90 games of the season. Potential pitching adjustments aside, here’s the biggest reason: The grind will take hold. The Dog Days can be brutal and unforgiving to all players, but especially first-year guys not accustomed to a 162-game schedule.

Why he’s here: Lucroy’s numbers are way down from his career averages across the board, and he’s in danger of posting his lowest OPS since his rookie season in 2010. One of the better offensive catchers in baseball up until this year, Lucroy was supposed to be a key cog in a powerful Rangers lineup but has underachieved just like the entire team. There have been rumblings that the team is listening to offers for him, which shows just how far out of favor he’s fallen.

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