Most episodes of The Twilight Zone give you the heebie jeebies even when you can’t explain why

Every year on the Fourth, the Syfy Network pays tribute to one of the most revered TV shows ever with an all-day marathon of The Twilight Zone. It’s the perfect way to spend the holiday for those who don’t like being around others, or don’t like the outside, or maybe just enjoy timeless — or, depending Cheap Team Jerseys Basketball on the episode, timely — TV.

Most episodes of The Twilight Zone give you the heebie jeebies even when you can’t explain why, but let’s say an episode comes on that chills you to the bone. So, like, anything that revolves around someone who looks completely innocent yet has sinister motives — “Living Doll,” starring Talky Tina, or “It’s a Good Life” with the cornfield wisher — and you would just prefer to not be paranoid about every shadow you see in the middle of the night.

No day embodies the promise of America more — a day that celebrates the birth of this country while its citizens are united, even temporarily, in their allegiance to food, family, friends, fun. Grilling up hot dogs, dressed up however you like them. Catching the splashy blockbuster movie that can make you feel like a kid again or that will one day make kids feel nostalgic for that very moment.

But one thing the Fourth of July is missing every year? Football. If not technically America’s pastime, then it’s our most uniquely American sport.

While the football world is enjoying its short-lived vacation, there are a few ways you can celebrate this holiday, NFL style. Here are our suggestions (no Jason Pierre-Paul jokes included):

That’s when it’s time to put on an old football game. But not just any game. Just rewatch Super Bowl LI, and you won’t even miss a beat. A common theme in The Twilight Zone is that something is off. The world is not as it should be. That was this year’s Super Bowl.

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