There were limitations on what the Reds could give Greene.

That’s what we’re here to help with, though, sifting through major rumors to see what has merit and what’s more wishful thinking than probable.

The latest comes from Mark Feinsand over at, who reports that there may be a new suitor for Oakland right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray in the Seattle Mariners. But could that actually happen?

The kind of promising return package that they only could have hoped for a season ago, that’s for sure. As previously noted when analyzing Sonny Gray to the Astros, Oakland has been attempting to part with this particular chip for a while now.

A few minutes after 5, the news broke. It went right up to the last minute, but the Reds got it done. Greene signed for $7.23 million, $36,000 overslot, and the highest bonus ever under the current draft system (which started in 2012). The Reds’ front office was outwardly confident about Greene signing, and they had good reason to be. It didn’t make a lot of sense for Greene to delay entering the majors for another year.

He was the second overall pick, and was given an overslot bonus. Waiting a year to move up just one spot in the draft would have been a waste, since it wouldn’t have netted him much more money than he got by signing now. And there was no guarantee that Greene would have moved up that one spot.

There were limitations on what the Reds could give Greene. If he’d demanded more money, they could only give him $42,400 overslot before they incurred a 75% tax on every dollar over that. So it made sense for Greene to sign, but it wasn’t a sure thing. And if he hadn’t, the Reds would have walked away Dallas Cowboys Cheap Jerseys with an extremely nice consolation prize: the No. 3 pick in the 2018 draft, which they would get in addition to whatever pick they earned through their performance in 2017. But neither side has to think about Chinese Cheap Jerseys what happens if he doesn’t sign anymore, because Greene signed and is now officially in the Cincinnati Reds system.

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