He can weave through traffic like an out-of-control taxi cab or bully his way into defenders

Smith is nervous for his first game, he admits afterwards, but it hardly shows. In fact, his calmness under pressure is what impressed his coaches the most. Both Carlisle and Mavericks summer league coach Jamahl Mosley laud one sequence where Smith quickly moves past several bad plays. That defies nearly every predraft scouting report, which listed “attitude” as a negative.

“He comes to the bench, his head’s down for half a second, I said something to him really quick, and next thing you know he comes out and makes three (good) plays,” Mosley says. “Things like that, most young players are in the tank for the next five possessions. He turned it around just like that.”

In other areas, Smith marches ahead. He can weave through traffic like an out-of-control taxi cab or bully his way into defenders, dislodging them and clearing space for a short shot. He has full confidence in his jump shot, which he’ll use to fall away in the lane when a defender stops him a little short, or step back for a three when a poor soul gets switched onto him in a pick-and-roll.

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