Hard Knocks’ recap: Bucs have a Montell Jordan sing-along

I’ve seen a few perfect episodes of various television shows in my lifetime. The very first episode of The Walking Dead was gripping. “The Lion and the Rose” was a flawless episode of Game of Thrones, mainly because bye, Joffrey. And Episode 4 of this season of Hard Knocks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was perfect, too, for one reason.

It opened with Buccaneers players dancing to Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It.”

You can’t change your player’s appearance…or position. TO BE FAIR, that’d just be a whole lot of extra work for game developers, given the storyline, plot and separate challenges you would have to make per position. Unlike other “playing as a character” modes like Campus Legend and NFL Superstar, you can only be Quarterback Devin Wade. In the other modes that I mentioned, you have the option to play many different positions, and if you’re daring enough, even change positions between seasons (in certain college games).

While you have the flexibility to make decisions on the field, as soon as you step in between the lines, it’s another story entirely. In 98 percent of the challenges that Wholesale Jerseys you play in, you Cheap Hockey Jerseys have zero control over what play you actually run.

It would have been cool if there were more challenges and more features inspired by the Campus Legend/Road to Glory game modes. In NCAA Football 13, you can earn the right to call hot routes and even pick some extra plays if you don’t like the one you see.

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