This is something the fans want anyway. They still love Thomas in Boston.

Path to Super Bowl LII: The Eagles get a bye, then will host either the sixth-seeded Falcons (if they win their first-round game), the fourth-seeded Saints or the fifth-seeded Panthers. Win that, and the Eagles would host the NFC Championship Game against either the Vikings, Rams, Saints or Panthers.

Thomas’ tribute shouldn’t overshadow what they do for Pierce. A jersey retirement ceremony is just that — a ceremony. Thomas’ video probably won’t last more than 30 seconds and will likely be at the start of the game. The Celtics have room to honor them both.

While Thomas didn’t spend his entire career with Boston, he was part of maybe the fastest rebuild in the league’s history and none of it would be possible without his play. He went from sixth man to starter to All-Star to MVP candidate all in a few years and took the Celtics back to the Eastern Conference finals. Those few years deserve to be recognized.

There are only 30 men in the NBA’s general manager fraternity, and Altman stands out like an Iman Shumpert hairdo among them. At 35 years old, he’s the second-youngest GM in the league behind only Jon Horst of the Milwaukee Bucks. He’s one of just four black GMs in a league comprised of a player pool that’s more than 70 percent black, and is also one of a handful of GMs in the NBA who practices Judaism.

You don’t realize the magnitude of the job until you get it, and you don’t realize who you touch until you get it, he says. I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me about how meaningful it is for African-American youth to see me in that position. I know from my own friends that Cheap Basketball Jerseys say: Listen, this is a really big deal.

Cavs senior adviser Bernie Bickerstaff, who is also African-American, has been involved in the league as either an assistant coach, head coach or in a front-office position since 1968. He realizes the torch that Altman bears, having been a coach when Wayne Embry became the first black GM in league history in the early 1970s with Milwaukee. Embry later went on to run the Cleveland teams featuring Mark Price, Craig Ehlo, Brad Daugherty & Co. But he doesn’t think Altman’s Cheap NBA Jerseys race should define how he’s viewed around the league.

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