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Kevin Durant is leading the pack in the Finals MVP conversation

Curry got 79 touches in Game 4, right at his playoff average, so that’s not the issue. Golden State should create more off-ball movement for Curry so Cleveland can’t swarm and double him with the ball. Use Curry as a screener on Green’s defender so he can’t camp out as a helper. Force the Cavs to hesitate, and all Curry needs is a sliver of space to fire.

Kevin Durant is leading the pack in the Finals MVP conversation, but if Curry has a great closeout game, you could make a strong argument for him over Durant. It is a bit telling his one bad outing of the series resulted in a 21-point loss.

Now, Cleveland is back in familiar territory trailing 3-1 heading into Game 5 on Monday and some new questions can emerged. Can the Cavs keep shooting like that? Will that physicality continue? Is there something more to this series?

“Tonight we kind of — we took it to them first, and that was very telling for the rest of the game,” Love said. “We felt like that got — and then playing very physical, there were a lot of fouls on both sides, but that’s part of it. We feel like that should be part of the game.”

It should be. If the Cavs want to get back to Game 6 Buy Cheap Jerseys in Cleveland, Love will have to bring that type of game again on the road.

Love was featured in that first-quarter run, which started with a layup that put the Cavaliers up by double digits for the first time. He added his first 3-pointer on a second-chance opportunity, and another one after a Golden State turnover. The Cavaliers led 29-13 and were 5 of Best Place For Cheap Jerseys 8 from 3-point range with 5:27 left in the first quarter. steelers_040