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SN Exclusive: Fox to tape delay Super Bowl 51 pregame, halftime shows

Better safe than sorry — especially if you want to avoid another “Nipplegate.”

Fox Sports will employ a five-second tape delay during its pregame and halftime coverage of Super Bowl 51, spokesman Eddie Motl confirmed to Sporting News.

“We haven’t made a determination on Las Vegas as an NFL market,” Goodell said in his annual state of the league press conference in advance of Super Bowl 51.

“The Raiders submitted an application, and it’s one that we’re considering carefully. There are several elements of that — financing a stadium, the stadium project itself, the depth of the market. All of those are things we’ve studied over the past several months. That will increase in intensity over the next month or so.”

Texas’ proposed legislation is similar to HB2. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, also a Republican, introduced the bill in early January.

Abbott also criticized NFL players who sat or kneeled during the national anthem last season as a protest of racial oppression. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the Cheap Infant NFL Jerseys first to kneel during the anthem, doing it before an exhibition game.

“I cannot name or even count the number of Texans who told me that they were not Cheap Ireland Soccer Jerseys watching the NFL,” Abbott said. “They were protesting the NFL this year because of the gross political statement allowed to be made by the NFL by allowing these players, who are not oppressed, who are now almost like snowflake little politicians themselves unable to take the United States national anthem being played.”